Shadow of the Past

October 24, 2011
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I sit here listening,
Waiting for you to make a sound,
Any sound;
The unspoken words between us
Float on the breeze from you to me

In the woods all around us
The birds sing and the lonely fox cries,
But the silence remains between us

Not a sound can break us
For neither wants to say,
What the other is thinking
They are in harmony like two leaves from the same tree,
In their downward spiral from their tree to the ground

In the woods all around us
The birds sing and the fox cries
But the silence remains between us

I dare a glance towards his face,
But quickly look down at the venture of an ant crawling by
Speak I think, speak!

I’m tired of all this listless waiting
So I ground up my confidence and start to speak,
But before I speak a word
He’s up and gone
Nothing more than a specter in the trees

I’m left with just another memory,
One to be later forgotten;
Amidst the black hole, I call a mind
Just another dream gone on the wind

In the woods all around me
The birds don’t sing and the fox is lonely no more,
The emptiness of it all is suffocating
Taking my breath away,
But the silence is just so hard
It keeps moving on and leaves me behind
It’s trail like a shimmery path along the sky

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