October 24, 2011
By Asia Smith BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Asia Smith BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Sweet nothings escape from parted lips
Silent pleas erupt from quivering tongues
Of languages and hopes unspoken
And they fall on deaf ears
To the dust to be trampled upon
By strangers’ feet
Sandals exchanged
A promise kept to no-one
Love, a four letter word that her heart has never felt.
Pain, the most familiar adage.
Sleepless nights because the past haunts her dreams
Though they be the only live ones
How dare the darkness seep under the doors?
And anger spills from her pores…
Unclean hands ravaged her being
Tearing pieces from her soul
She is broken
She can no longer fly
Hope extinguished like the fire in her eyes
For the life forever out of reach.
Never enough.
Always inadequate.
Who is she?
Who am I?
I am nothing.
Completely obliterated.
To be heard, forever a glimmer of hope remains.
Once again these words, verses, ballads, cries of insanity fall to the dust.

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