October 24, 2011
By heartmeanseverything BRONZE, New City, New York
heartmeanseverything BRONZE, New City, New York
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It is all the times I wonder “what if”
It is the shadows that hide in the crevices of my soul
It is the reason I find it so hard to hold my head up high
It is the destroyer of my personality

I try to erase it, but all I do is bury it
The slightest shift in the wind has me drowning
I fight a thousand battles and cannot win
Because I am only inflicting wounds upon my own skin

Because there is so much wrong, it whispers
Because dreams are only dust
Because everyone has to face reality eventually
Because falling is not the same as flying
Because I never know that I’m doing
Because I am waiting for a treasure chest that never appears

Because too much is impossible

Because dreams are possible…

…Until reality takes them away

It multiplies until it is all that I can see
It grows until it is all that I can feel
It whispers until, one day,
I will duct tape its mouth shut
And pierce its heart with my dream-reality
Turning it to ash the way is tried to do to me

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