Love [Devotion]

December 10, 2011
Emotions that are felt
Emotions with a common meaning
Classy, Elegant, Divine
Words to simple define you
For beauty wasn’t enough
A woman who has this heart skipping beats
Has a mind fantasizing of a life much more grand than now
Marveled upon someone such as you
To be blessed to have met you
And to have this moment being spent with you
It’s a moment I’ll cherish for so long as this heart continues to beat
You may not believe these words, for the way you see it, it’s meaningless
But believe me they carry more meaning than the world can handle
All my devotion will go towards you and whatever the future holds
Adoration in the fact that I’m with YOU!
All the love in this heart of mine, belongs to you
You turned my world around,
You gave light and meaning to this messed up twisted reality

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