soaking it all in

December 9, 2011
They have no idea
more like they don't care
Their voices carry to the top
of her stairs
She sits there
making no noise
other then quiet sniffling
She soaks up every word
hears the disdain in their voices
and her name escapes their lips
She's not shocked or surprised
by her name falling out
But she can't believe
their saying all this
when they know she's home and upstairs
She's suspicious about why
their voices aren't hushed, and
they don't try and keep this conversation
a secret
Of course she knows why
they want her to hear
they want her to cry
And they want her to hurt
because whenever something goes wrong
for them
it's her fault
The worst part for her is that
she can't get their damn voices out of her head
even nine years later
She hears their voices loud and clear
as if she was still eight and back
at the top of her stairs
sniffling quietly and
soaking it all in

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