Father Forgive Me

December 9, 2011
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I've tried to flush.. that night away, but it keeps



around a clogged drain,


Abracadabra! And forget what I did.
(If only I were a magician.)
tick...tick...tick.. (10.)

like a bomb hidden, waiting.
That Coral lipstick smudged (9.)

a c r o s s the creases of my mouth

(My Wife)

and onto the red and purple patches of my neck.
(8.) Even from across the Hall in the black of the night

You saw. Your Eyes focused like a thirty-five millimeter film camera, watching
me As I slid into the bathroom. (7.)
Her sweaty fingers gripped onto the ends of my hair.

(My Wife.)

-Buzzzz- (6.) I shaved it all off.
(5.) The Truth was draped out like a black curtain on a blank canvas
(4.) but you just kept



around it,


(3.) The Golden Band constricting my finger glares, blinding me.

(2.) So, I took the ring off.

(1.) And placed it on your nightstand

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