November 15, 2011
By TheDarkAngelGirl GOLD, Staten Island, New York
TheDarkAngelGirl GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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"When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe one of two things: either there will be ground to stand on, or you will be given wings to fly."
— O.R. Melling (The Summer King)

I feel it closing in on me from a distance
The beast within me growls, "Wake me from my slumber"
Wind sweeping past me in powerful gusts
I throw my hands up for protection, broken from the inside
Frightened from what's outside
Pain in me that won't subside
My mind begins to lose focus, the fog comes creeping in
The growling growing louder, this feeling growing stronger
It's binding cage won't hold much longer
It's words will soon reach my soul
It's claws surely will unbind me
"Why do you fear what you are?"
I begin to run through the darkness
An unreasonable action; it's always with me
The air begins to burn my lungs
Tears fill my eyes, threaten to fall down my chilled cheeks
I don't want to let it in, to do as it pleases
The last time I gave into this weakness it consumed me
Thrashing and throbbing
Poking and prodding
It was me and yet I was gone, lost in the fog that settles in
Their screams for me to stop
Their pleas, their prayers
"No," I begged "this is not who I am!"
Vines shot up around me, bound my arms and legs
The darkness was faster than I could ever be
Their grasp grew tighter still, cutting into my skin
I lost sight, couldn't breathe, could no longer feel
"There is no running from your true nature.
You cannot escape the monster that you truly are."
The cage grew weaker, the chains broke, it awoke with full consciousness
Iron crashed down, hate washed over me; forsaken by mercy
Mouth dropped open to let out blood curdling screams
Nail tore through my finger tips; hands turned into weapons
Razors grew inside my mouth, teeth to tear through flesh
Heightened sense of sight and smell; a hunters thirst for blood
I was losing myself, losing...
The growl that was once inside of me broke out through my own mouth
Broke loose from the vine's hold
Ran faster than light towards the small town I came to know
As the last bit of me faded to slumber
I prayed that they'd run as fast and as far as they could
There was nothing left to save
I was home

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