Lets Say Hi

November 15, 2011
Darkest of life reveals truth in concern.
and you light fire with ice and let this world burn.
Glimpse of disguise and your mask is removed,
while life lights with flames you long for your mother to soothe.
Speak to me your secret,
I promise never I won’t keep it.
You wish to be revived?
Then okay, into the water I’ll dive.
Kicking and screaming trying not to drown.
The water which surrounds us feels so cold,
I truly believe it’s due to these empty souls.
As night begins to fall and day begins to rise
Cruelty and peace meet just to say hi.
This hi is much more then intense.
With every hi comes a new touch, a new taste of a sense.
So please let this world burn,
So fire and ice can finally have their turn.

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