The Night at the Fort

December 12, 2011
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Big stonewalls surround me
I am at a fort by the sea
I am at Fort Jackson to be exact
watching logs being lined and stacked.

Lanterns illuminate the night sky
And I learn how to not die
Union soldiers are waiting for a chance
And they’re ready to advance

A Confederate corporal yells
Go get trained that spells
I learn how to fire a cannon at first
The loud BOOM makes my eardrums burst

I follow the corporal’s commands
And learn how to take down an enemy with my hands
I get dressed up in a uniform
Something I would have to wear even through a rainstorm

I taste some nasty drink
That looks like ink
Its supposed to prevent disease
Even though it made ME sneeze

I anxiously wait to be announced a soldier
“Oh boy, can it get any colder?”
My wait is finally over
And I finally become a soldier

I am a soldier
I am a soldier
I am a soldier

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