Nothing Is Something

December 12, 2011
The pain comes silently
No slaps or punches
but turned backs and whispers
I ignore all the people
Can't ignore feelings
And oh, do I feel
But how can you feel something
when you are nothing?
Nothing that people with care about
After you're gone
So why not go?
Get it over with?
I think I will
What about family,
You may ask
Have none
All hate me or died
Because of the accident
Because of the lies
Because of me
I couldn't prevent it though
I couldn't stop the car in time
I was still blamed
Everyone there but me...
Everyone that heard about it...
Hate me
I was disowned
My friends abandoned me
I live in a foster home
In the same town
Of course
Life is full of Of Courses
Of course, they had to die
Of course, I'm the soul survivor
The soul survivor that dies in the end anyway
Of course
Of course
Of course

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