December 12, 2011
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Earth is the round perfect world you can see if were to stand high above are once healthy green earth. If you where to go on your tip-e- toes it would be the most colorful one in are galaxy with its green lushes plants, blue salty oceans & paper white glaciers.
The imperfectness can sometimes be seen with a naked eye which makes it kind of sad. Some of its imperfections are caused by one of the despicable things on this perfect round white, green & blue planet, Humans...also called Homo sapiens for the scientific term. We have been destroying this world little by little with are cars full of fossil fuel that pollute are clean air and ruin are ozone layer protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays, dumping in the ocean that once was beautiful with its natural blue colors and its beautiful animals with all in it and none taken away by us, when they become instinct.

Just like those animals in any minute we can disappear, in plain sight just like any of those animals...waiting for the right minute to make us disappear, just like the dinosaurs.
The earth with its still unknown features such as its plants, animals, & oceans. The earth will never be fully discovered by any alien, monster, or human being. This is what makes earth, earth because of its breath taking features.

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