Stifled, In State

December 12, 2011
Burning, stinking, torrid
Black mush
Sticking to my elbows
The highest muscles of

I’m melting

Under the heat
Of the sun,
That yellow
Blazing blanket.

Skin on fire.

Cement baking.
I lay down
The better to
See the sky,

My dear.

Echoes of voices
Distant car murmurs
Speaking like protesters
So far
From their objective:

This boiling rock.

My sweat
My fountain of youth,
Eternal life force

I am alive

Like fire
I can feel it
Adding heat
To the air

So humid.

I’m drowing
The trees don’t

Air so stagnant

My breaths
Should blow
Them over
At the trunks;
That blue,
Crystalline sky

Atmosphere, chill this air.

Nebraska melds me
To its concrete
Streets like a soldering
Iron adheres
Calescent bars of metal.

My love,

No one anticipates
A feverish
Summer season.

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