Gruff Gravy

December 12, 2011
By Isaiah Lee BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Isaiah Lee BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Gruff Gravy.
Why must you be so gruff?
So hard, so sallow,
So thick, so hollow.
Gruff Gravy
Do you taste delicious?
I am almost certain you do not,
Yet you draw my curiosity.
Gruff Gravy
Must you smell so good?
You tempt me to put you,
on my lovely potatoes.
Gruff Gravy.
I will not break for you.
I will not yield to you.
I will not falter in this.
Gruff Gravy.
You have found your way,
Onto my delicious potatoes.
How did this happen?
Gruff Gravy.
I hesitate to take a bite.
You look to be waiting,
To poison me.
Gruff Gravy.
Maybe you are not so gruff after all.

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