My Santuary

December 12, 2011
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Row homes, green lawns, twin houses and tall trees
Line the streets of my quiet neighborhood
Mayfair playground, St. Matthew church and Jean’s Pizzeria
Are focal points in this Irish community

Neighbors, outdoor cats, small children and the mailman
Stroll along my peaceful, curving block
An evergreen tree, a colorful garden and a brick enclosed porch
Beautify Battersby Street

Three floors, brick walls,
The little pumpkin scarecrows peeking out the window and a fresh cut lawn
A rose bush, a worn out deck, a red door and a welcome mat
Invite me into the comfort of this dwelling

A tan couch, a new coffee table, a big screen TV and embroidered throw pillows
Lounge in our cozy family room
A lonely rocking chair, newspapers strewn across the table and my dad doing crosswords
Create a common scene in the center of our home

Several chairs, an oval table, a large China cabinet, and piles of mail
Grace the golden dining room
An overflowing bookshelf, a cluttered junk drawer and a coat closet
Complete the overflowing room

Granite countertops, a white refrigerator, a wooden table and maple cabinets
Inhabit the room where we prepare our food
Cereal, snacks and a basket of fruit
Fill the cabinets and satisfy our hunger

A cushy couch, a turtle tank, a powder room and a blue recliner
Compose the relaxing environment in our basement
Laundry baskets, a washer and a dryer
Reside in the tiny laundry room

Several dressers, three beds, sports posters and an untidy floor
Clutter my brothers’ crowded room
DVDs, baseball caps, and Phillies’ shirts
Let everyone know three boys reside there

Full length mirrors, a burgundy armoire, a private bathroom and two walk-in closets
Adorn my parents’ master bedroom
A queen sized bed, a beautiful vanity, and a small bookshelf
Give the room its elegant air

Four aqua walls, a warm twin bed, many picture frames, and a cluttered wooden desk
Add some of my personality to my tiny bedroom
Two bureaus, a new plasma screen TV and a flowered area rug
Bring my pleasant and girly sanctuary to life

My house is made of
Rooms, walls, doors and floors
My house holds
Memories, love and family

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