That Boy

December 12, 2011
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That boy
Over there
Keeps looking at me.
Makes me feel good
When I see him looking.
He makes me smile
When we have our long talks.
Nothing really to talk about,
Just looking into each other’s eyes.
Smiling and dancing
Around and around.
He makes me feel different,
Like I matter
In this world.
We open up
To each other,
Tell each other our secrets
That we’d never tell anyone.
To him, I feel safe talking.

One day, I woke up
We are farther apart.
We’re not talking anymore,
All because of a girl.
A girl
Who didn’t get him.
‘Cause of her
I’m all alone again.
No boy to trust.
No boy.
He told me he liked me,
Trusted me,
I was all he ever wanted.
It was hard to believe
Anyone anymore.
Hard to open up
To anyone
All because of that boy.
That boy I still have feelings for.
Only, he broke my heart.

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