Am I a Bad Person?

December 12, 2011
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Am I a Bad Person?
I was ecstatic,
when he is down,
I just found out that
he just broke up with his girl,
because the girl is cheating,
behind him,
with my friend.

I am happy,
because I got a crush on him,
guess God help through,
I get my second chance,
to lure him liking me,
but he is hard to get,
because he is a gentleman,
guess, that's why I like him.

there is no need for seduction,
there is only being true,
true( not trying being something that you aren't),
so now,
he is starting to like me,
I used to be plain jane,
but my new confidence,
make me break out from my shell,
when he start dating the other girl,
back then.

the table has turned around,
for my romance with him,
love story with him inside,
does this consider as taking advantage?

back to Am I a Bad Person?
this come to mind only for reason,
I was the one who hooked up my friend with his ex-girlfriend,
I was the one that give all the details,
I asked my friend to make that girl fall for him,
so that,
I can have him all to myself,
I even trapped them to be seen by him,
Guess it happens,
the way I want it.

I'm not that bad,
because she really fall for the other guy,
and my friend really likes her,
it is for everyone's advantage,
more to mine at least.

Am I a Bad person?
guess love can make you it.

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