Counrty Girl

December 12, 2011
By echor BRONZE, Goshen, Ar, Arkansas
echor BRONZE, Goshen, Ar, Arkansas
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The light brown

Hair bouncing
In the messy
Pony tail
Tied behind her.
She had
Tan, smooth skin.
With eyes,
Bright green,
Pale pink lips,
As soft as they can be
Not a lot of make up,
Just a bit
Here and there.
Regular jeans
With ripped
Holes in the knees.
A t-shirt thrown on.
And still was so
All the guys
Would stare,
She was
Stubborn as a mule
Just like her Dad.
But had a good
Warm heart,
Like her mom
But was completely
Truthful to others
And was very respectful
But not scared
To pick a fight.
She drove a black
Jacked up
2011 4-door
Chevy Silverado
With dust, mud, and dirt
Built up on the sides,
From showing off
Her baby in the mud
And racing on back roads
Goes out with friends
Out back in the open fields and woods.
Will go in to town
And have a
Hell of a good time,
But loves the lord
And goes to church on Sunday.
She can work hard.
But loves to cooks and clean.
She’s just an another country girl from Arkansas

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