The 4 Seasons

December 12, 2011
By Sierra Mahoney BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
Sierra Mahoney BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
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The springy grass melts up
between my toes as I run in the field
behind my house barefoot,

Laughing with my best friends under the shade
of a big oak tree after a long day of
playing in the sun,

The birds chattering to one another above us talking
about different plans
for the future,

Enjoying a nice cool ice cream on the
back porch, loving the feeling as the melted ice cream drips
down my chin,

Running through a sprinkler with friends to cool off
my hot and sweaty body
then collapsing in the wet grass laughing, and
recalling funny times,

School has started,
everyday, waking up tired and
hating it. One boring day after another,

Leaves spiraling down though
the gray and cloudy sky, only to
land at my feet,

The sounds of leaves crunching underfoot
as I walk home from a long
day at school,

Some days, the crisp, cold air bites
at your cheeks and skin,

cold, dreary days, where all you
can think about is getting inside
for a cup of
tea or hot chocolate,

Wind whistling in the trees as
a winter storm blows
in from the north at night,

A thick, soft blanket of fluffy white snow
litters the frozen
ground the next morning,
school is cancelled,

By lunchtime, all kids and teens
are out playing in the newly fallen
smooth, white snow,
Everywhere you look, snowman and
woman are watching the cars go by on
the street and
kids are throwing snowballs
at each other from behind forts
made from ice cold snow,

The sharp, piercing wintery winds,
that make you feel like a
human popsicle, eventually force you
inside to a warm fireplace and some hot chocolate,


Snow is slowly melting and ground is thawing,
trying to recover from the harsh winter,

Little baby grass are poking up through the
snow, ready
for a new life again,

New flowers are also waking up,
stretching to the sun,
whom they haven’t seen all winter,

Trees are also coming back, getting
new, full, green leaves on them,
getting ready for summer,

New life is also being brought into this world,
animals are having children, and teaching them all they
need to know about living,


These four seasons are what make up our lives,
every day, every month, every year;
we rotate through them,
not really thinking about it.
The 4 seasons.

I think, every once in a while,
we should stop and realize how important
they are to our community, our nation, and
our world that we share.
The 4 seasons.

The author's comments:
I think we should pay more attention to the seasons

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