December 12, 2011
When he was five
His mom was poor
And his dad left

Then the bills couldn’t be paid
And the heat went off
And there was no food

And it was winter
So it was cold

They ended up in a shelter
And it was Christmas

The Salvation Army stopped by
Some unlucky person got stuck
As the Santa Clause

The kids didn’t push and shove
Like those kids in the mall
They’ve all been disillusioned
To the man sitting in front of them

Presents weren’t handed out
In any order
Boys got boy toys
And girls got girl toys

He got a guitar

Someone must have put it into
The donation bin
Even though everyone thought
That it was a weird gift to give a kid

His mom couldn’t afford to get him lessons
So he taught himself as time went on

He didn’t trust the other kids
Some of them stole
So he kept his guitar with him
At all times

Even when he went to school

His friends said he played good
And that he had a good voice
“You’ll be famous one day”
They would say

But he had been disillusioned
To that dream a long time ago

The other kids at the shelter
Didn’t believe that he went to a private school
They said he was too broke to go
And he just said he was smart enough to go

His teacher told him that he had
The voice of an angel
He would just smile
As everyone told him
That he should try out for the talent show

He had school to focus on

But the prize was two hundred dollars
Just for third place
Second got three hundred
And first place got five hundred
So he tried
And he,

And he transferred
To a school for arts

And there was a scout
A scout who said everything
That everyone else had been telling him

Now he’s no longer five
He’s no longer poor
And he has heat in the house

He’s thankful that he was poor
That he had to work for what he has
That things, somehow turned around for him

That he found some sort of Salvation

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good_timesw_bffs said...
Dec. 20, 2011 at 4:24 pm

I really enjoyed this.

It makes me think about things, make me think there's a reason for everything and that you should be grateful for everything I have.


RyanTyler replied...
Dec. 21, 2011 at 7:30 am
That's what I was trying to go for. Thanks for commenting:):)
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