Moon Wish

December 12, 2011
By Noel13 BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
Noel13 BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, then you were meant to be, if it doesn't come back, you never were meant for each other.

The beautiful match lighten moon soaks my eyes.
It wants to hypnotize me but I am to powerful.
I want to lay down and just stare straight up,
into the eyes on the worlds future.

My foot is damp,
I look down into a puddle.
I jump back and look at the reflection.

The moon light in the puddle,
like someone took the moon and transformed,
it into a white rose.
I see a man taking off the petals,
he pours them into the puddle.

They fill the puddle like milk.
Is that the moons future?
To become a white rose?
I wonder and ask many questions.

My body decides that I need to break this spell,
I lay down.
my head turns to stare at the knights shining armor,
the stars the give the moon a beautiful feature,
Something a little extra sweet like chocolate cake.

Stars enhance the sun litton moon.
nothing looks real anymore,
When I thought the truth was real,
I find out, it is all a lie.

The one wish I have left,
I whisper it,
in my mind.
A shooting star flashes through the sky only seen by my eyes.

My eyes lock on the lifeless yet beautiful creature,
letting myself smile and close my eyes.
I open my hazy green eyes one last time to get a glance of my wish.
The moon fills my eyes once again.

I fall a sleep with no way home.

The author's comments:
When you have a wish but you are scared to let your mind over come it, don't tell yourself it can do that. Behind every wish is a innocent person looking for some bit of fate.

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