December 12, 2011
By ErynL SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
ErynL SILVER, Anderson, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
I am the rose,
that has grown from concrete
-Tupac Shakur

I hear the silence,
Words with no volume float in the sex scented air around these
Sheets that I wish I wasn’t lying in right now
I hate every part of you but I never fail to answer the call
I receive around 10:30 pm
Questions roam from your mouth
“Where you at, can I pick you up”
Can you pick up my heart?
That your male parts seem to crush and move out of the way for
You to reach my sensitive feelings
That are enclosed in the area of my body that
God made for my Husband!
Not the guy that I met at a party the guy who whispered sweet nothings
In my ear until your lips took over what words were describing?
Not you.
Can you pick up my heart?
And not my body
Can you love me?
And not the things you desire from me?
Why can’t I be loved?
Why should I be allowed to lie in your bedroom cold?
With no one to warm me up while you’re stuffing me
With you insecurities and your dirty secrets like I’m your closet
Of skeletons.
I wish this silence would speak.

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