Thoughts Created By Memories

December 12, 2011
By MyWrittenTruth GOLD, Ridgefield, New Jersey
MyWrittenTruth GOLD, Ridgefield, New Jersey
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Belief is powerful
hardship is painful
love and hate are strong or weak
need is important
want is not always necessary
faith is hard to always have
power comes from heart
people change people
suffering comes from somewhere
scars can not always be seen
experience teaches you
healing takes time
damage that lasts forever
fighting the dark gives you will power
will power changes your life
life changes you
you change yourself
change makes you who you are
who you are is decided by you alone
your will power is only yours
can change everyone around you
you can change the world
change it with your own determination
change it with everything you know
change it with your will

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