A Quick Reference on Love

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To find forever is almost a never.
It takes strength to fully believe
That one day it can be found.
Love is not wrong,
But its difficulty can make leave it lost.
Search, fight, and wait. The way to find love.

To meet it at half speed is not love.
You can go halfway never
If someone is gone, not all is lost.
And I do believe
Nothing in love is wrong.
The right answer can always be found.

Start by looking to find,
Something that can spark the love.
Don’t look to the books that tell you about the wrong,
Look to your heart, it’ll lead you astray never.
The magic is something that in it, you have to believe.
And like your favorite pair of shoes, try to hold on before its lost.

The hardest part of love is the loss.
If Lucy is searching then Ricky is who she wants to find.
Settling for less is not what your dreams led you to believe.
The first cut is the deepest in love.
Sharing your heart cannot keep you from the possibility of hurt, never.
If your feelings are strong then what can be wrong?

There is no manual, guides may tell you wrong.
All you know is your heart and theirs and all else is lost.
You ask them not to leave and they may tell you “never”
That is why when the day comes peace cannot be found.
You were lead down a path of reliance ending up falling in love;
And when it’s over like that you just cannot believe.

But if you don’t give up and you just believe,
When the right person comes, you’ll know there are no wrongs.
When you find that unconditional love,
It won’t ever be lost.
Only happiness and peace will be found.
And the feelings won’t fade, never.

Love is not a formula. It’s in the believing.
And though it may get difficult, and losing it is not a never, saying it is impossible is wrong.
What’s lost, can always be found.

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