Gone, Gone, Long Gone

December 12, 2011
By Brittany Mills BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
Brittany Mills BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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City lights, excitement, and fun with
Cajun, Creole, and French absorbed culture.
Football, zesty food, smooth jazz.
Everything you could want
All in one central place of original beauty.

Hustle and bustle of life
Commuters come and go.
Inhabitants day to day.
Neon lights shine
New Orleans 2004, is the place to be.
But year 2005 ushers in another story.

August 28th as the mandates are given,
Families evacuate in hoards.
The lights no longer shine, the fun seem a million miles away
And darkness falls on the zest.
August 29th, early in the morning winds howl
The football dome becomes a shelter, holding numbers of people.
The sound of the smooth jazz is to the sounds of ripping metal
The city excitement seems long forgotten.

Fear creeps in as the earth upheaves
Waters rise and there’s nowhere to escape.
The news anchor says it is the worst of the worst
But the government is silent.
No eye is shut; the people left here shake in terror.
The Crescent City now regrets its bowl shaped topography.
Even the highest pointsn’t high enough.

The day sets.
Nola is lost.
No outside voices, no one here to help.
The bridge is collapsed, flooded and lifted away.
The waters haven’t subsided.
All alone, all alone, all alone.

Dawn creeps in, those left are now in a battle.
Looters loot and order is nonexistent.
The police force is gone corrupt and no one to correct them.
Its fight for your right, or else lose your life.

The culture, the bustle,
Is now but a memory.
The fear and the devastation in a reality.
Of loss and chaos.
Life as once known has exited stage left,
Rebuild is the future, for now is find hope.

The author's comments:
This piece is a Dystopian poem referring to Katrina and the lost feelings everyone had, including the fear and the drastic change.

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