Losing Faith

December 12, 2011
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Screech, Shatter, Bang
The jeep Tires
Work to get a grip of the asphalt
As he vigorously
Slams into a
Splintered trunk

Rip, Snap, Pop
His interior pumps
To keep blood flowing
As his lazy organs
Begin to give up
And the flirtatious jeep
Entangles itself, with the deceitful b****
Mother nature, herself

Weep, Sigh, Yelp
Cold stone over powers his warm flesh
And life leaves
The banged up, Jesus loving, Ambitious,
Young teen
With nothing left to lose
Yet nothing more to gain

Tip, Toe, Thump
It all echoes to a blur
While his friends breaths deepen
And slowly sail with his soul

Drip, Drop, Splash
Salted water hits the nightly browned casket
All in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Yeah right

His porcelain features
Descend away, exposing
The stained black and blue glacier
Formally known as his skin
And we watch
As the greedy green lips of Gaia
Swallow the limp corpse
Of the young adolescent we all once loved

Why was it him
The boy leaving his church
The friend that didn’t smoke
The boyfriend that never drank
And the son that always obeyed

Sniff, Wipe, Dry
We all live, than die.

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