Starve to Perfection

December 11, 2011
By KuroNekoXIII GOLD, Branchville, New Jersey
KuroNekoXIII GOLD, Branchville, New Jersey
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"The only things in life worth having are things worth fighting for."

Look in the mirror,
See nothing but flaws.
No wonder I’m alone,
Where I belong.
So many things wrong,
So much out of place.
Why would anyone date me
Except as a mistake?
I know I’m not perfect
I know I’m a mess.
But I don’t want to be alone,
Cast out from the rest.
I know I can do this.
I just have to change.
It shouldn’t be hard
And they’ll treat me the same.
Hours in the gym,
Skip a meal here and there.
Watch my body get smaller
As I’m living on air.
Fat most entirely gone,
Bones visibly show.
That empty feeling
I’ve come to adore.
But how far is enough?
When will I know I’m there?
When somebody means it
When they say they care.
I’ll know when I’m pretty,
Like the models on TV.
Just work out and don’t eat,
And I’ll make it, you’ll see.

The author's comments:
Something based on my personal thoughts lately

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