December 11, 2011
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Jealousy is a disease
it saddens
it enrages
it bring out the worst of others
jealousy is a human characteristic
prone by nature
it can defeat spirits
and torture souls

jealousy is a natural drug
many were born with it
so many do it
its an addiction
that can rarely be stopped
everyone does it
no need for peer pressure

jealousy is a weapon
it can be used in combat
to weaken opponents

jealousy is a burrden
many live with it
tortured by its curse
no one wants to tolerate it

people have jealousies
they want what others have
people who get jealous
cannot stop once started

its like a alcoholic
with booze
like a sex addict
on a one nightstand
its like a child
wanting to play with someone else's toy

its very common and,
its spreads

i am a jealousy addict
i want what i can’t have
its only human
we want what we can’t have

i want the perfect body
and hair

i want my past erased
and destroyed

i want to be seen
i want to be heard

i want to be loved
i don't want to be jealous anymore
i just want to be free
of my addiction

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