A Message for no one in Particular

December 11, 2011
Hey! No one. No one in particular.
I’m writing to you.
Because I have no one else to write to.
So, how do you do?

Dear no one in particular,
I’ve been thinking an awful lot.
Isn’t it nice to have a real good thought?
Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not.

No one in particular,
Sometimes, you see, I get inside my own mind.
But I’m wound too tight. I need to unwind.
It’s not that I’m mean. Actually I’m quite kind.

Oh, no one in particular,
I was hurt the other day.
Hurt in the most brutal of ways.
I said hello and smiled, but they all turned their backs and walked away.

Tell me, no one in particular,
What do they have that I do not?
Whatever it is, that is what I want.

I need to learn how to type in their font.

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