Restrained,,, Not Restrained But At Ease

December 11, 2011
By Heiress BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
Heiress BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Love shouldn't be waiting on you You should be waiting on love

At times like this ,
storms blow through.
Instead of we VS. them,
its me VS. you

No one wins,
cause we both lose.
Tired of trying,
Our love keeps right on dying.
The candle has blown out, out out .. it has blown out
Time, it doesn't stop,
So we try to move on,
Working with the clock.

It's hard,
I know It's hard

Barbed wire pierce my skin.
I'm restrained,
I'm restrained,
More pain
More pain
The blood runs thin

Confused is our disease,
Conflicted with whelps,
After whelps,after whelps
Conflicted with welps
Crying silently,
silently crying silently,
but still no one helps

Who in here can read my mind,
can feel my heart
who knows my time.., put in
The time, i put in
not them , not you
not we,
but me

I know it , i do
but speechless i am
cant speak about it
tongue tied when tried
dry throat, cough
Just cant get it out
this burden on my shoulders , ouch.. ouch..
It's heavy and just wont be lifted
And me, well, im too weak to move
so, stuck i am
Conflicted, conflicted with pain , whelps, hurt I'm restrained
I've had enough, but still i remain
why?, you asked Why
And this i cant say, I'm danger to my self
I guess,
So, i endure this pain
My mind is racing, running away
But my feet stay planted,
and to me this is strange
One day, i will drift
And my feet wont be needed
at that time i will surely speak it
The rhythm of my mind and the path of my heart
My words will be sharp as darts
Free to go where ever they pleased
Not restraine, but at ease
at ease
Not restrained... but at ease

The author's comments:
the thing that inspired me to write this was my own personal issues.At the time i felt was bumping heads with some one on their terms not on mine, the arguments and problems was not cause of me, but because of them, and since i am a child i have to hold my tongue and take the blame. so i was basically saying right now i am restrained to say how it is that i feel, so it hurts me and hurts our relationship but sooner or later i will open my mouth and let it all out cause i feel i have taken all i can take . and in order to be close again all problems have to be aired so we can communicate better.

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