The Edge

December 11, 2011
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My whole life I have lived in the quiet serenity of my father's home. But now that I'm older it's time for me to take hold of my life and my future. In order to achieve this freedom I must, as my ancestors before me, leave the quiet serenity of my family and jump off the edge. But there is one problem, I'm scared. I am afraid of going off the edge, but I shall be strong. As I go towards the edge my legs go rubbery. I start to sweat uncontrollably. I tremble with each wobbly step. As I reach the edge I look back to see my friends and family urging me on. You can do it, they say. Jump, they chant. I wanna run back where I will be safe. But no I must jump. I step forward. I bend down on knobby knees. I reach my arms as high as I possibly can. The chanting ceases. All is still. All is quiet. My heart takes on a rhythm unfamiliar to me. Now, I tell myself. Jump now, I say. My legs stretch out under me. I did it. I jumped off the edge.

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