December 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I cant change the monster I've become. I cant change who I am. I cant change that or who gives a damn. I cant hold you back so hate me, I'll understand. I'll leave you in peace, I'll obey thy command. I cant take back what I've done, I cant change how you look at me... but upon thing which we al agree. I'm a monster and theres no going back, because no one will forget my unseen acts. Love me or hate me, trust or betray me, because this time its to the third degree. The static in my head the demons in my soul, to get rid of them comes at a worldly toll. to live to die, to the screams pitched on high, Im a monster and nothing can change that inside.

The author's comments:
an older piece, late 2010 actually, I wrote this and several other after a bad break up. Crazy how the strongest emotions invoke the strongest types or writing.

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