I forgive you...

December 11, 2011
By ChelsyDaisy SILVER, Bomb, Mississippi
ChelsyDaisy SILVER, Bomb, Mississippi
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Nobody has to love you...its their honor to do so if they do

He makes me so angry with his candy lips and bubblegum tongue -john mayer
I hate how he makes my legs quiver with his touches of sweet cotten candy
He makes my skin burn crimson his skin sears the only nerves I have left
and the thing is he only hugs me and holds me yet his touch almost brings me too my knees
How I fight him is ? in my mind also he's so comfortable with himself and i'm not
He gets angry when I denie myself the right to have him
he gets angry when i denie my body becuz he loves it so
he gets angry when i denie him me
when i denie him me he's angry....
but he understands and backs off and doesnt push me but promises to wait
for me to catch up
for me to feel him as he does me
for me to care for him as he does me
for me to love me as he does me
I can't help but wonder when that'll be...
becuz i'm still stuck in the past when i saw his arm around her waist
and his lips on her neck....
am i wrong to forgive a broken horse for being undone
by what we had
only becuz he lusted
but never loved her...
but i loved him...
i think, but i forgave easily
but stoneheartedly...
i forgave you.

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