Unnoticed Forever

December 11, 2011
By dobbysgal BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
dobbysgal BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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Quietness. That's what I hear. Nothingness surrounds me. It suffocates me. Squeezes me until I choke. Quietness. Choking down the blandness of my life. Silence so loud I can barely think. Barely can breathe.

I am Invisible. No one hears me. No one sees me. I am nothing. Nothing for the world. Useless. The coldness of people's hearts freezes my soul. Life is grey and cold. Ice covered fingers graze my skin.

Nightmares enter my head. Memories of night. Sleep. Tiredness. It takes over my body. The dreams wash over me. Cold hands of the lost. Memories now. The people who loved me. Gone. Lost in the emptiness of life. Just memories in my mind.

I am unnoticed. Unloved by many. Invisible to all. Chills run through my body. Ice water in my veins. Life is a dark, dark place. Hate. No love. No compassion. Hate. Sadness overwhelms me. When will they come? The people who make me like this. Unnoticed, unloved, invisible. They stab me with words of hate. Piercing my eardrums and the sadness takes over.

Cold and grey. Bullying. Hate. Sadness swarms around my body. The nothingness swallows me into a dark abis. The nightmares creeping into my mind. Nowhere to go. Lost. Lost in the darkness. Waves of depression crash over. Nowhere to turn. No love. Hate. Bullying. It changed me. Once loved and cared for. Now hated. Will the torture ever end?

The author's comments:
Made this because it's true.

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