Illusion, Stupidity, Darkness

December 11, 2011
By thehallowedelegy BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
thehallowedelegy BRONZE, Carmel, Indiana
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What is right and wrong? What is ethics? What is morality?
People are disillusioned. People are idiots. People are devils.
This is the lie. This is the truth. And this is human nature.
So I ask you: What is the answer?
To do good, to act good, to speak good, to believe good, to enforce good,
To know good is the essential answer.
But wait, people are disillusioned, idiots, and devils.
No one can be good. They either are deceived, ignorant, or evil.
So the reasoning and discernment goes.
But we like the idea that the law was made in the eternal effort to do good,
That every once in a while, we will find suspirations of goodness in the world.
We like that there can be good.
Yet, we say that in circumscribed hope, faithfully believing but not ready to put faith in it.
We are all skeptics unwilling to press into the unknown expanse of the shadows.
We fear death and loss. We fear betrayal and failure.
We fear our faith shall be spent on the husks of empty and frail and feeble men.
This is the lie.
This is the truth.
This is what separates man from God and God from us.

The author's comments:
As the words suggest, this poem criticizes, in its own hypocrisy, the inability of man to put faith into ideals. While we believe that elsewhere we can do good, we neglect the sphere we live in, from school life to the menial tasks of adulthood.

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