Two Giant Words

December 11, 2011
By PaePoQuin SILVER, Espanola, New Mexico
PaePoQuin SILVER, Espanola, New Mexico
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"The simple joys of life will forever leave me speachless."
"Don't point your finger at crazy people!" - Girl Interrupted

I sit with a mask
Take every blow
My eyes start to water
A single teardrop falls
my jacket, cold, binds me
Strangles me
Every sob she takes
Or the quick intake of air
Hits me like a cannon
Practically leaves me dead
My mask is up
Somber expression
A hurricane ride starts on the inside
Blow after blow
With nothing to say
My heart won't be the same,
after this day
I want to say something
Just to fill the air
Two giant words
I can't even bare
Will it be enough to take back the wrong?
I inhale stale cigarette air,
Exhale the words
They burn my tongue
And sting my lungs
They hang like a broken song
"I'm sorry"

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