December 11, 2011
By YasminaTabbal GOLD, Beirut, Other
YasminaTabbal GOLD, Beirut, Other
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Everything under the Sun is in tune, but the Sun is eclipsed by the moon - Pink Floyd

I know that he sleep talks
Every time he goes to bed
That he hates sushi
And that his favorite color is red
That he misses his hometown
That his great grandma is still alive
And I also know his birth date
6 of June
Summer of 1995

I know he used to break dance
Before he broke his leg
His baby sister as cute as a button
As colorful as an Easter egg
I know his looks come from his mother
Who was Miss Virginia in ‘84
And I know all his shift hours
Down the street at the thrift store

This is something he’ll never tell you
But he plays the saxophone
And his favorite flavor is vanilla
Which is also the scent of his cologne
That he wants to be an astronaut
And that he loves to play rugby
And that he’s crazy for the band Oasis
And loves anything extra salty

Now let me tell you why

I wrote this corny poem

It’s not to please my English teacher

It’s not something I plan to show him

I wrote this rhyme because

I was inspired by a song
That left me wondering if he knows
That I’ve had him memorized for so long

The author's comments:
Inspired by Taylor Swift - I'd Lie :D Comment and rate!

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