Cold Metal Knife

December 11, 2011
By livoutloud BRONZE, Westward Ho!, Other
livoutloud BRONZE, Westward Ho!, Other
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People die everyday
Across the seas, far away
From the safety of home, it feels unreal
For how should we know the pain some feel?
In the papers, on the TV,
We hear stories, we believe what we see
But when it hits hard, when it becomes real
Is when you experience the feeling of steel
Against your heart, with a wall of bracing cold
Revealing reality against what you’ve been told
That though it’s not you out there alone
There will always be someone who’s fate has been thrown
At them like a curveball, nothing they’d expect
Yet there is no way for them to object
And from a distance it seems so detached
Thinking, that’s not me, it’s his curveball to catch
But then a link will make itself clear
Between you and this tragedy, gripping you with fear
It will show how only luck has saved you
And how thankful you should be, how’s it changed what you knew
You think of their families, with endless tears to shed
And how nearly it could have been yours instead
The ashes that are laid to forever rest
Remind you what makes up the success of God’s test
And so you rise and be thankful for your life
And that it has not been struck by the cold metal knife

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