Where I'm From

December 11, 2011
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I am from homemade floral capris, and late night Blue Bell ice cream and Saturday morning cartoons.

I am from the small brick house with big trees and a cool breeze.

I am from the sturdy oak trees, the yellow evening primroses.

I am from spring break sleepovers at Grandma's and long reddish-brown hair from Madea Davis and Johnnie Mae House and a tremendous amount of Richardsons'.

I am from constant falling and occassional scuffles with someone six years my senior.

From "Please don't tell mama" and "Don't write a check your behind can't cash".

I am from a cold church with a timer and a loud booming choir.

I am from dirt road Mississippi from the creamiest of cheesecakes topped with dozens of cherries and the juicy drippy watermelon on the back porch of Grandma's.

From the terrible but hilarious reenactment of the time my cousin scrapped her knee from looks and sizes of my mom in her school years and the actions of my brother and cousin.

I am from walls,books, and bags of priceless expressions and moments of the love and affection that my family has for each other.

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