Benevolent Imperfection

December 11, 2011
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Diversity is a flower,
an ever changing beauty,
a beauty that isn’t always beautiful.

It is the lone red flower
in a sea of green grass,
a treasure but also a weed.

And if that flower is allowed to live
it will grow above the grass,
for any passerby
to acknowledge its existence
and think what they will.

And if that flower is cut down
it may lay beneath the grass,
but it is still a flower,
a priceless flower
denied its contribution to the world.

There are thousands of seeds in the meadow
for red flowers and blue flowers and yellow.
No man can remove them all,
when one falls another will rise.

For if there were no flowers,
there would be no bees.
The birds would die off
and so would the trees.
And in the chain the grass would wither
and the world itself would no longer exist.

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