Everlasting Love

December 11, 2011
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Everlasting love but we dont last ever if I lasted ever Iwish I lasted never. So many memories not enough time. I jump to the sky i'm on cloud nine, i'm so high off the ground i get butterflies everytime I see you. My mind goes crazy picturing dreams that havent come true. My love for you is eternal just because you are you. I used to push you away, that I no longer do. i'm afraid to leave and lose you to. my mind boggels for hours at a time thinking of how life would be if you were forever mine. Time with you is beautiful, Such beautiful times. How can I not love you, you are a blessing in disguse. God brought you to me his purpose is yet unknown. Cupid has shot me with an arrow that he's thrown. your my king, my knight, and my beautiful shinning star, I wished apon you and a dream came true. I found true love and i found it in you. How can I hurt when you have fixed me with your love, your true love. Is it fate that brought us together? star crossed lovers is what we are.

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