am i ......

December 10, 2011
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Am I …
Am I the sky
Am I the ocean?
Am I below or above
Am the smell on those roses
Am I the person who cries?
Am I the person with pain?
Who are we when were all roaming around in such place
Can I hide or do I just pass as invisible day
Who am I
Am I the trees?
Am I the light?
Am I the sunlight in your eyes
Am I the love you wished the most
Am I the person you cheated on before?
Am I the rag of clothes you conserve?
Am I the memories you tried to destroyed
Am I everything you adored?
Am I that person you let go?
Am I all the regret that you made?
Am I the dirty secret you kept away?
Am I an object you let decayed?
Am I the light at the other end?
Am I the person you still secretly hate?
Am I still the person left in your thoughts?
Am I the person who created you to love that you can’t back away?
Am I that smile you rose up to every day?
Am I the person you won’t regret say I love you every second of the day
Am I that enchanted spell that can’t run away?
Am I ……..

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