Broken Hearted

December 10, 2011
By Anonymous

You trusted me and i lied to you

You cared for me and i took advantage

I broke your heart,Now i feel sorry

Sorry doesn't make it OK,Now i know this

Tears,Heartache,Sleepless nights

When i think of how i hurt you

I cry out,I want your forgiveness

Sunshine turns to dark nights

Smiles into frowns,Love into hate

How i feel broken like my worlds falling apart

When i am the heart breaker

You cry and it doesn't show

So I'll never know,Will you or won't you

forgive me,though i love you,you may hate me

I hurt you and you loved me

it may not have been intentional

Its still a heart break,you were kind to me

but the fact still remains i hurt you

with a lie and i cried,you are broken hearted

and I'm to blame and i have no way to mend it

I'm sorry is the only words i know

So please forgive me

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a certain situation that came about between me n a former friend

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