These Walls

December 10, 2011
By Unforgettable357 SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
Unforgettable357 SILVER, Carmel, Indiana
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Can I say what’s in my heart, what’s true?
That I’m patiently waiting for a change in you?
Can I say I’m over it, over it all?
Even if those words won’t break my fall?

I’m putting up all these bricks.
I’m saying we’re done without a frown.
But I’m on the other side, secretly waiting
For you to knock my walls down.

I’m on this side, can you hear?!
I’m not alone, fear is here.
It says you won’t change a thing,
Says I’m standing here for nothing.
Have you seen reality?
I can’t seem to face it.
But hope is with me,
I can feel it.
I’m hoping you’ll understand,
Without me, you’re a different man.
I’m hoping that me going away,
Will make you want to stay.

I’m hoping you’ll change.
Unlock the chains.
Until then, it’s the same,
'We’re done' is my claim.

Let me push you away
So you’ll run back to me.
Let me say I’m done
So you’ll fight for me.
Let me set these obstacles
So you can prove a change to me.
Let me build these walls
So you’ll break ‘em down for me.

My expectations are high, the chances are low.
My heart says yes, my head says don’t.
Things won’t change, not a bit.
I know we’re both sick of this.
I still wait, even though I shouldn’t.
So, when I told you that I couldn’t
Do this thing anymore,
I was trying to convince myself, not you.
But I wish it were true.

I’ll still say I’m over it, over it all.
But those words can’t break the truth of my fall.
Baby, please, come knock down these walls…

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