Closely Guarded Secrets

December 13, 2011
By HolesInTheHeart GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
HolesInTheHeart GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Oh,the things I tell you, mother
When I walk through the door
At the end of the day
Oh, the things I complain about
Which only open the door for more complaints
On your side
We talk about the people we don't like
(But tell me mother,
Have I ever told you about the people I do like?)
We talk about unfortunate events
That we're now able to shrug off
And laugh about
(But tell me mother,
Have I ever shared with you the things I can't shrug off?)
We smile over my school-related triumphs
(But tell me mother,
Have we ever discussed any of my other triumphs?)
We exchange jokes that made us smile during the day
(But tell me mother,
Have we ever told each other about the things that made us cry?)

Of all the things we tell each other
Could you name the most important things to happen to me?
Could I name yours?

There are so many secrets
I'd like to share with you
That I know you'll never hear
Because it might destroy that careful image of me
Of me, your “little girl”
Well, I don't feel so little anymore
But there are still so many things you can never know
So many secrets
That I've locked away in an iron box
Stored carefully inside my chest
Deep inside my heart
I'm sorry mom
But it's for the best
That you never know
What your little girl's become

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