Race is just a Color

December 13, 2011
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Black or White,
Some people can see past it.
They know what is right and wrong,
but do not seem to change.
Petrified to step up to the world to make a difference,
we then see the ones who take control.
Those like Lincoln, Kennedy, and King Jr.
they make an alteration in the world louder than words.
How can one person make a difference for countless others?
By using action instead of waiting, and we arise and follow.
To be diverse, to make a change, to be different,
the world is fearful of change.
We trail behind others frightened,
but we want to make a statement in the world.
So we follow a leader and change for the better,
not looking at color or how they live.
We all need to develop into leaders,
and see individuals for who they are, instead of race.
Then we as people will truly see the meaning of diversity.

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