December 13, 2011
I can see your face
blurry and crystal clear;
I can see a shattered reflection
staring back at you in the mirror
Suddenly you're less than
a slowly fading visage -
Fading until I can no longer outline
the contour of your jaw

I won't see you again
our visits forever secluded to my dreams
forever a distant memory
Your face, delicate china;
flawless and extravagant
Your face, I perceive as immaculate

I shot an arrow into the air
and watched as the sky parted
and Heaven unfolded before me

I could see time
and everything within it
Everything in one,
then nothing at once

I saw everything
before my eyes

I saw time
I saw light
I saw life

I watched time fly,
day fade to night,
my life pass me by

I could see everything,
from the sky with a view
I could see everything,
but I didn't see you

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