I'm Sorry

December 13, 2011
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Let me start by saying I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for Ferris wheel basket number nine.
And I'd really like to apologize for blue cotton candy
And forgive me for holding hands on the dock at sunset.
But, ya know,
It’s completely fine that he let you waste all your time on him.
And let me just say, making you cry is completely ok.
I'm sorry for him, that being a boyfriend was just too hard.
I'm sorry that you ended up on my door step, crying, because of him.
I'm sorry that he lost the best person, we’ll ever know.

So here we are now,
Mom’s torn beige plaid couch.
You, crying in my arms.
I'm so helpless at the sight in front of me.
All I can do is stroke your hair
Like a mother to her sleeping infant,
And go beat the guy who did this to you.

My granite exterior crumbles to the floor
As I hold your trembling broken heart
But life, it's just one big test.
And the guy who left you got a big, red F, circled. . . Twice.

Question number 273, one of the many he got wrong,
What is the best way to end a relationship of two years?
A.) Through a text
B.) Avoiding your calls
C.) Saying “you’re not good enough for me anymore”
D.) All of the above.
And naturally, being students, we choose D,
Because all of the above is never an option unless it's the right answer.

And now here is our test, question number 274,
What is the best way to get over an ex-boyfriend?
A.) You forget the guy.
B.) You move on.
C.) You and I go buy ice cream. Or
D.) All if the above.
And naturally, being students, we still choose D
Because all of the above is never an option unless it's the right answer.

And I know this breakup is hard.
But you can make it through.
You’re tough, like a bull,
Because when you get knocked down
You get right back up and charge.

And all I want to do, is kiss you.
But not like a lover, like a crucifix.
A tender kiss to something so sacred and delicate.

One more thing,
It's not over, I know that’s bad
But don't give up.
Take note from the Purple Love Grass
A perennial flower that year after year
Grows back bigger and more beautiful than the last.
And while you’re growing, I'll be your Ivory Prince,
There for you year after year
Waiting through every winter
Testing my will power
Just to see if I grow back
and be there for you again,

And we come back to question number 275,
Picking up that number two pencil to yet again
To fill in a multiple choice question,
What is the best way to comfort a broken hearted friend?
A.)Hold her in your arms
B.)Buy her ice cream
C.)Write her a poem
D.)All of the above.
And the answer is, once again, D.

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