A Simple Photo

December 13, 2011
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In 1994 my mom took this beautiful picture,
*chick* it was framed so perfectly,
An oak tree, swaying in the background,
Dangling acorns and branches in front
Of my one year-old self sitting in my eight year old sisters lap.
Laughing to each other.
It was a moment of happiness that only a Kodak picture could explain.
The leaves were just beginning to change color,
But you wouldn't know,
Because the black and white photo,
Can only give so many details.
Years went by
And we came to the oak tree less and less.
18 years later I was rummaging through some old boxes
And found a picture.
A picture of me and my sister,
Laughing to each other.
It was a moment I wish I could've remembered.
And it clicked,
I knew where that tree was,
So I grabbed the photo and a sweater
To protect me from the cold autumn air.
And walked to the old oak tree.
After minutes of walking,
I see the wise oak tree,
And with a simple raise of my hand,
I create the moment of happiness
That was captured 18 years ago.
And I see what my mom tried to capture.
They say picture are worth a thousand words,
But there is nothing like experiencing that moment,
At least one more time.

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