Bleak October, My Freedom (To Break My Chains)

December 13, 2011
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Bleak October, rainy November
I can hardly remember who sent me the letter
The late November letter that made me feel better
It left me barrelling across the country with nothing
But what I could carry on my back
On buses
On trains
I hitch hiked the majestic mountains of the west
Shot across the bare prairie
Felt the eastern wind in my face as we covered ground
Leaving the last place behind,
Moving forward to the next.

It all started with a letter
A request from an old friend
He wanted to see me again
He wanted to see the country
Feel the Canadian winter
And all that cascades from the east to the west
A wander to wallop
The beauty of the country
Into our unknowing minds
Our ignorant minds
We made no plans
Had no destinations
We wanted only to learn
To experience
We went off to be
Venturing vagabonds
Years went by
Our beards grew long and ragged
But it didn’t matter
Because October was no longer bleak

But everyone has different agendas and plans and dreams and hopes and
lives and ideas
It’s endless endless endless
You end up left alone,
You end up right where you started
With fading memories that mean nothing to you
You’re in a new chapter of your life
But it resembles one of old
Because October is bleak
And November is rainy and cold

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