The Echo of Loneliness

December 13, 2011
By goosha3456 BRONZE, Foster City, California
goosha3456 BRONZE, Foster City, California
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It crashes and burns with a wild screech,
Onto the lonely and once pleasant beach.
It tarnishes the surprised sand
With the messy way it choose to land.
After the interruption the deathly quiet rises
With the expectation of no more surprises.
But once more comes a sound
That travels and searches all around.
An echo for help that finds no eager ears,
But surcomes to the quiet the little boy fears.
And for a moment, he lies there alone,
Caught beneath a metal bone
Yet the boy glances far and near
then crawls with powerful strength founded on fear
Free of the planes deadly mess
But trapped nevertheless
Underneath the solid sound
Of nothing being said aloud
But deep within something fierce begins to grow
Intent on defeating this stifling foe
And nothing could be louder it seems
Then the eruption of emotion as dozens of screams.
It runs free across the barren land
And wields the quiet to their demand
To replace the their earnest sound
With the joy of being found.
And with hope warriors come
Bringing with a fantastic hum
That grows into a heroic roar
That echoes across the sea-shore
From heven above it seems
Does a helicopter gleam
And as the boy and his voice become again one
They know that they have won
Against the reaper quiet
Because they simply chose to fight it.

The author's comments:
Its what came to me when I attempted to create a poem/

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